Inspect our brewery

braukesselThe most frequently asked questions in our tavern are:

• Are these cupreous boilers really in use or are they dummies?
• Are you still brewing your beer in these boilers?

The shiny cupreous boilers are mainly for decorativeness.

But the running core is fully functional, is made of stainless steel and of course it is not a dummy.
Since 1985 we brew the favoured Schadt´s pilsener (lager), our Märzen and wheat beer. Additionally, our seasonalbeer, like the bockbeer in May and October.

Come in and see for yourself about the process of brewering our beer and make a booking for a tour in our brewery.

We offer per person:

• 1 Schadt´s Pilsener (lager), 0,3l

or a non-alcoholic drink of your choice, 0,2l


• Lecture and brewinghouse-tour


• Braunschweiger Beer Roast

Pork shoulder, braised with our beer, fried potatoes, brown sauce (with the flavour of our beer), a mixed salad


• Handing over a diploma


Do you have any questions or wishes? Just speak to us. We´ll be pleased to help.
We are happy to make your booking by phone, too!

Please call 05 31 – 40 03 49