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Dear guests,


Bockbeer finally again since 1st october, as long the brew lasts….


For servings in the interior you need your vaccination certificate or proof of recovery.

Please wait in front of the door until we have seen the certificate.

Then you may decide, if you wear the mouth-nose-protection or get it off.


Registration is necessary for every single person, with Luca-App or on our sheets,

outside or inside, as well for just using our toilet.


we open

Monday ………….17 to 22/23 o`clock, kitchen 17 to 21 o`clock,

Thursday to Friday 12 to 23/24 o`clock. kitchen 12 to 14.30 and 17.00 to 22 o`clock.

Saturday ………..12 to 23/24 o`clock, kitchen 12 to 22 o`clock


Since 25th June we serve the whole menu again , but without our soups.


You are not vaccinated or recovered and pay with a card or use the toilet, please wear mouth and nose protection

and pay attention to the clearances. Vaccination certificate or proof of recovery are not necessary for both,

as long you only sit outside.


Our homebrewed beer can still be picked in bottles.


Stay healthy and see you hopefully soon….


Our homebrewed BEER in the PICK-UP SERVICE

Monday to Saturday  


Schadt´s Pilsener and Märzen

filling into own bottle 1,5 l          8,70 €

filling into own bottle 0,75l        4,35 €

Buy from 0,5l bottle with filling 5,80 €

Buy from 2,0l bottle with filling 19,20 €

Refilling 0,5l bottle 2,90 €

Refilling 1,0l bottle 5,80 €

Refilling 2,0l bottle 9,90 €


Tel. 0531/400349