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Dear guests,

since Tuesday, 12th May, 12 o`clock, we are open again.

Entrance is possible with ordering and only with mouth-nose protection

 0531 400349 or here

So far, a group of 1-10 persons

or only persons from 2 households or one family are allowed to sit at one table with more than 10 persons.

We now offer warm kitchens with break again.

Saturday and Monday 16-22/22.30 o`clock, kitchen 17- 21/21.30 o`clock

Tuesday and Wendsday 12-23 o`clock, kitchen 12-14.30 and 17- 22/22.30 o`clock,

Thursday to Friday 12-24 o`clock, kitchen 12-14.30 and 17-22/22.30 o`clock,

Saturday 12-24 o`clock, kitchen 12-22/22.30 o`clock.

For the stay we will have to ask you to register and sign with your names,adress and telephone number.

Please wait until we accompany you to your table.

Please only remove mouth-nose protection when you sit at the table.

 The Happy hour we let filled until the distance rules are overturned.

We are looking forward to you and wish you a pleasant stay in addition to all the rules.

Our beer in the PICK-UP SERVICE

Schadt´s Pilsener,Märzen, Weizen

in brought plastic bottles 1,5 l                    7,40 €

Buy 0,5l-bottle with filling                          5,80 €

Buy 2l-bottle with filling                           19,20 €

Refill 0,5l-bottle                                        2,90 €

Refill 1,0l-bottle                                         5,80 €

Refill 2,0l-bottle                                         9,90 €


0531 400349 or with mouth-nose protection